Dark Harvest Movie Review (2023)


Dark Harvest Movie Review (2023)

Dark Harvest (2023) Movie Review - A Chilling Horror Film Set in Rural America

Dark Harvest is an upcoming horror film set for release in October 2023. The film tells the story of a legendary monster called October Boy who terrorizes residents in a small Midwestern town every Halloween.

Directed by David Slade and written by Michael Gilio and Norman Partridge, Dark Harvest boasts an intriguing premise that draws inspiration from classic slasher flicks as well as folklore-inspired creatures of horror. With a talented cast and crew behind it, this indie horror promises to deliver chills and surprises.

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The Plot

The film is set in a rural Midwestern town where locals live in fear of the annual arrival of the October Boy. 

According to legend, every Halloween the sinister creature emerges from the cornfields wielding a butcher's knife, hunting down anyone brave (or foolish) enough to be out on the spooky holiday.

The film follows a group of teenagers who dare to spend Halloween night confronting the monster themselves.

As darkness falls, they venture into the vast cornfields where the October Boy is said to lurk. But little do they know the true sinister nature and origin of the creature who sees them all as prey.

Tensions and scares mount as the friends realize they are no match for the unearthly evil that has haunted the town for generations.

They must outwit the monster to survive the night, in a race against time to reach dawn before it's too late.

Early Predictions

With its creepy small-town setting and folklore-inspired monster lore, Dark Harvest looks primed to deliver an unsettling scare-fest in the vein of classics like Pet Sematary and The Strangers.

Director David Slade knows how to craft chilling atmospheres and ratchet up suspense (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night), so viewers can expect a steady escalation of unease.

The film also boasts a talented young cast including Casey Likes, Emyri Crutchfield and Dustin Ceithamer who will surely deliver compelling performances as their characters are picked off one by one.

Early reviews out of film festivals have praised the film's unnerving tone and practical special effects.

All signs point to Dark Harvest being one of the scariest horror movies of 2023. Fans of films like Sinister and The Blair Witch Project would be remiss to miss this independent gem arriving just in time for the Halloween season this October.

With any luck, it will establish the October Boy as a new powerhouse monster to send chills down spines for years to come.

In summary, Dark Harvest shapes up to be a creepy, suspenseful ride perfect for horror fans looking for their next scare. Its atmospheric setting and unique monster mythology promise will keep viewers on the edge of their seats till the very end. Don't miss this chilling new fright-fest when it emerges this fall.

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