65 Movie Review (2023)


65: A Unique Sci-Fi Survival Thriller That Shows Flashes of Brilliance

Ever since it first premiered, the sci-fi movie 65 has been a controversial and polarizing film.

Directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods aimed to craft a relatively low-budget survival drama with imaginative sci-fi elements, but not all viewers felt they stuck the landing.

With leading man Adam Driver in the driver's seat, let's dive into what 65 gets right and wrong in its bid to stand out.

The Innovative Premise

On paper, 65's concept is undeniably bold and intriguing - a modern pilot crash lands on Earth, only to discover he's 65 million years in the past.

The unexpected time travel twist opens up fascinating possibilities for world-building and thought experiments. Despite flaws, one must admire Beck and Woods' willingness to take a big creative risk.

Adam Driver's Committed Performance

As is often the case, Adam Driver's hypnotic screen presence helps elevate the material.

He fully commits to portraying a man unraveling in isolation, conveying acute trauma and desperation through minimal dialogue.

Driver carries the film with raw intensity. It's easy to see why he was a driving force behind getting this made.

Atmospheric Cinematography

Kudos to DP Andrew Dropik for making the most of varied exotic locales like Australia and Vancouver Island.

Sweeping drone shots vividly transport audiences to feel like they're truly in a prehistoric wilderness.

The dimly lit caves and dense forests ooze a creeping sense of otherworldly mystery.

Where It Falls Short

Unfortunately, 65 struggles to flesh out deeper themes beyond survival. The paper-thin supporting characters feel more like statistics than people. Pacing drags in the second act without much narrative propulsion.

While technically proficient, it feels like a bigger, bolder movie is buried under execution flaws.

Could Have Been a Cult Classic

At its best, 65 taps into that Twilight Zone-esque blend of sci-fi and psychological horror. But it mostly settles for being passably diverting instead of truly unforgettable.

With some tweaking of the script and bigger swings, it shows signs it could have been this generation's Edge of Tomorrow or Primer.

In Summary

65 presents a cool high concept that deserved a more fully realized film. But for all its flaws, it remains one of the more unique sci-fi entries in recent years for stretching the genre boundaries.

Director/star duos seeking creative challenges should find inspiration in its flashes of brilliance, even if the whole doesn't quite live up to its vast potential.


Ultimately, 65 is the definition of a mixed bag film - highly ambitious yet deeply imperfect. While not a runaway hit, its unconventional storytelling ensures it will find passionate defenders as well as detractors. Time will tell if it achieves cult status, but kudos are due for swinging for the bleachers with this bizarre dinosaur-filled odyssey. Audiences hungry for something truly novel will find parts of 65 to admire.

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